Referral Program
Terms & Conditions


  1. This referral program shall be valid for referrals made via this website only.

  2. Only full-time employees of Foodpanda Hong Kong (business entity name: Rocket Food Limited) or vendors listed on the Foodpanda Hong Kong platform are entitled to the Reward. 

  3. All referral applications must be made with the staff ID / vendor code in order for the referrer to be eligible for the Reward.

  4. All the required information should be filled in correctly, including the RESTAURANT NAME, CONTACT NUMBER and FULL ADDRESS by the referrer.

  5. The reward for a successful referral comprises of five HK$50 (MOV: HK$50) foodpanda vouchers (the "Reward").

  6. The Reward shall be provided to the referrer only if the referred vendor successfully onboards on Foodpanda Hong Kong's platform and completes 1 or more orders via the platform. 

  7. The Reward vouchers will be sent to the referrer by email one month after the 1st order is completed on the referred vendor.

  8. The Reward vouchers will remain valid for 3 months after the point of issuance.

  9. The Reward vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. ​

  10. ​Foodpanda reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time and without notice.

  11. ​All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of Foodpanda Hong Kong (business entity name: Rocket Food Limited).

  1. 此推薦計劃僅適用於通過本網站進行的推薦。

  2. 只有Foodpanda香港的全職員工(商業實體名稱: Rocket Food Limited) 或在Foodpanda香港線上平台的供應商才有資格獲得獎勵。

  3. 所有推薦申請必須使用員工ID /供應商代碼進行,以便驗證有關程序。

  4. 所有資料必填正確填寫,包括餐廳名稱,聯繫號碼以及詳細地址。

  5. 如推薦成功後將獲得五張HK $50 (MOV: HK$50) foodpanda優惠券("獎勵")

  6. 被推薦的供應商需在Foodpanda香港平台上成功上架並通過平台完成一個或多個訂單時,才會向推薦人發出優惠券。

  7. 優惠券將在推薦供應商完成第一個訂單一個月後通過電子郵件發送給推薦人。

  8. 優惠券將在發行後的3個月內有效。

  9. 優惠券不可兌換現金。

  10. foodpanda有權在任何時間以及不另行告知的情況下撤消活動優惠。

  11. 如有任何爭議foodpanda將會保留最終決定權。

The Terms & Conditions are in both English and Chinese. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.
條款及細則備有英文和中文版,建議申請人以英文填寫。 中文譯本僅供參考,文義如與英文有歧異,概以英文本為準